DOCH CKAE is a death dog metal band hailing from the renowned Flying Shit Town Slum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. DOCH CKAE believes in dogs and that the master of the dogs, the Doggod, the great Doggod, reigns on electric guitar, ruling down from the upper Skullsky with barking, flesh ravening, heavy drums.

DOCH CKAE are the first Khmer outfit to record a Death-Metal song in Khmer. In fact DOCH CKAE’s “Kam Knea Doch Chkae” is the first Khmer Death-Metal song ever released. Classic death-style transitions and super chug melded into a unique Khmer style results in a high-energy track with contextually relevant, straight up doglyrics: “One day we will fight each other like dogs!”

DOCH CHKAE released two singles in 2016 featured in Yab Moung Records Singles & Rarities of 2016 Mixtape:

DOCH CHKAE black and white

Ouch Theara: Vocals
Sok Vichey: Guitar
Ouch Hing: Drums
Sochetra Pic: Bass

I am crazy like a dog like a dog is rabies crazy
I really hate my fucking life so really fucking hateful much
I like to be a fucking crazy dog
because than you’re starving poor without anything
I am crazy and I hate the crazy dogs
and I’d like to be so fucking crazy cool
I am crazy for my family and I am crazy for all my friends
I am sick of being crazy and I am sick to be crazy
and I am sick of my life that I live to die

translation from chkout doch chkae

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