Un Samphors

General Manager

Un Samphors is the boss in the Yab Moung house. A problem needs to be solved? Un Samphors is on her way to bail out the obstacles. Samphors first gained her management skills by managing a restaurant, then managing for German NGO Chibodia until ending up as Country Director for Moms Against Poverty Cambodia. As if she wasn’t already busy enough, Samphors studies Law on weekends, has a family and is setting up her very own band. So watch out…

Sochetra Varty

Label Manager

Varty is the second Law student in our Yab Moung team and organizes the communication with our artists, media and press. Varty is a smart and engaged Cambodian woman whom is never at a loss for words. She beats the drums very hard, writes great poems and reads a lot of books.

Sochetra Vartey

Manager Social Media and Accountant

Do you like our posts on Facebook, Instagram and all the other hundreds of millions Social Media platforms? Well, Vartey posts the posts! Besides wounding her social media fingertips she rocks Cambodian rock scene as Vartey Ganiva. Vartey has a BSc in accounting and accounts the accounting of the Yab Moung accounting paying out the millions of dollars revenue to our Yab Moung artists.

Sok Vichey

Trainee Sound Engineering and Songwriting

Vichey is an amazingly talented multi-instrumentalist who learns from Danzo to record, produce and compose. He’s a killer guitarist and the main songwriter for Khmer metal band DOCH CHKAE. He has a vast repertoire and many other original songs are in the Yab Moung pipeline.


Ouch Theara

Trainee A&R & Hip Hop Producer

Theara is mostly known for his uncompromising and raging performances for DOCH CHKAE. But little has been heard about his activities to build up a vital Hip Hop programme in his hometown Flying Shit Town. He learns recording and sequencing from Danzo.


Music Producer

Damani “Danzo” Kelly, was born in London, UK and has lived in Cambodia since 2015. He lives in the Yab Moung Studio where he produces, records and mixes the bands on the label. Danzo is provided with the finest organic mangos, coconuts and rambutans money can buy and uses his special sauce to make a delectable fruit salad.

Timon Seibel

A&R and Songwriter

Timon is a Swiss national living in Cambodia since 2011. He’s a poet and painter and only got into music through his work for Moms Against Poverty running music workshops in the countryside. In 2016 he helped a young team of Cambodians to restart and set up Yab Moung Records. Poetry and painting are calling him back to service. Timon will continue the songwriting for Vartey Ganiva and DOCH CHKAE.

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