Between 2012 and 2014 bands like Sliten6ix, The ANTIfate and No Forever formed, for the first time, a Cambodian hardcore, metal, and punk scene. It was during this time of a nascent rock scene that Yab Moung Records was founded by Myley Rattle and Tom Reichelt with the aim to provide a platform for the further development of Khmer alternative music and art:

Rocking Tradition, Slate 2014
Khmer sound: hard rock, soft scene, The Phnom Penh Post 2012

Yab Moung Records

Epic concerts were played, the guitars were tortured. Slilten6ix catapulted the first ever extreme metal recordings into Khmer music history. But just as quick the extreme scene had flashed into action, it vanished. Most of the bands dissolved and the hair was cut.

Nonetheless, Sliten6ix performed their legendary launch concert in 2014 during which the seeds were sown for a new generation to impact Khmer metal scene. Halt this music video Nevermore on 2:51 minutes and you’ll see three 13, 14 and 15 years old teenagers bewilderedly staring at Vanntin jumping off the stage in state of rage:

Since this very moment these three teenagers would make music a very important part of their lifes and play and jam and metal whenever they could. These three teenagers are Ouch Theara, Sok Vichey and Ouch Hing and would form Khmer metal band DOCH CHKAE at the end of 2015!!

But why would these teenagers go to a metal concert in the first place? In 2014 Theara, Vichey and Hing started attending CAM Projects a music workshops program of American NGO Moms Against Poverty. In these workshops Un Samphors and Timon Seibel work with kids and teenagers from difficult backgrounds by teaching music, video editing, English, math and sports as well organizing concerts with the kids:

Knowing these boys very well and seeing their difficulties dealing with aggression, frustration and poverty, Timon Seibel brought them to see Sliten6ix thinking that maybe Theara, Vichey and Hing find some new approach to deal with anger. And as the video above might prove, metal music became their new uncompromising outlet. And as they kept playing and playing, they got better and better finally reaching a level where Timon Seibel knew that he had to start recording them.

He teaches rock ’n’ roll to disadvantaged children in Cambodia, Christian Science Monitor 2016

With the decline of Khmer metal and hardcore scene beginning 2015, Yab Moung Records was without bands. Tom Reichelt had gone back home and Myley Rattle was about to leave as well, when Myley and Timon agreed that Timon and his Cambodian team should try to get Yab Moung Records back into the metal hardcore tracks. This meant establishing a record studio in the beautiful countryside of Prek Lvea in Kandal Province. Beginning 2016 Danzo joined Yab Moung Records and DOCH CHKAE recorded its first single. An EP followed with Nightmare A.D., Vartey Ganiva launched her killer single Evil Husband and a great 2016 finally culminating in the reunion of Sliten6ix and the recording of their first EP Hiraeth!!

And if this wasn’t enough for a happy Yab Moung Records Christmas, on the 23rd of December 2016, DOCH CHKAE and Sliten6ix together performed an epic concert at Show Box!!

Yab Moung Records is now managed and led by a dynamic team of Cambodians, has its own record studio and a strong partnership with CAM Projects and Moms Against Poverty which allows Yab Moung Records to help CAM Projects run its music workshops and to provide music related vocational training.

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