Live @MYD Siem Reap

Guiguisuisui is a two piece art rock performance band. Curated by Chinese artist Nan Guazi and British husband Dann Gaymer, Guiguisuisui blends electronic & live sounds to explore a p spectrum of genres as the backing to interactive theatre featuring a cast of idosyncraftic cracaters from an imagined future. Meanwhile Nan Guazi’s visuals wash over the stage, animated steampunk fairtytales that add to the etheral quality of the performance. The show has toured relentlessly since it’s beginnings in 2012, with gigs in China, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe (UK, France,Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland). In 2016 they were presented with the ‘Band of the Year’ award at City Weekend Beijing’s annual awards show as well as being featured on the cover of 通俗歌曲 (‘tong su ge qu’) magazine, China’s longest running rock and roll magazine. The Shining Soundscape concept is the latest manifestation of the bands’ experiences to date.

Fabulous Siem Reap based artists Roma (ARG) with sound project No Shore (USA) infuses for a live performance to get your heads straightly twisted and prepared for Guiguisuisui.

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