Our friends from Guiguisuisui are returning to Cambodia with their darker project NEKROMA, don’t miss out this special two dates in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. – Organised and sponsored by Star Bar Siem Reap, Cloud Phnom Penh, 60 Road Studios, MYD, YabMoung and special thanks to Above & Beyond Events.

Find out more about the Tour here.

Nekroma’ started out as a collaboration with Beijing based prog metal outfit Nakoma before eventually morphing into something distinct. Dark and brooding, loud and doomy, yet too odd to classed as a straight up metal band, Nekroma takes you on journey through strange and haunting dreamscapes. By eschewing guitar based compositions Nekroma instead relies on the Diddly Board (King Necro’s signature instrument of a one stringed skateboard guitar), electric bass, and Gameboy loops to provide the melody of the songs, over which soaring vocals juxtapose with guttural growls, while drums blast away in the background. Recorded between China and England and mixed and mastered by Li Shenjie in Beijing, Nekroma represents a new direction in the world of GUIGUISUISUI, a dark turn for troubled times in our corner of infinity.