It was a hectic day yesterday at our community space. Reign in Slumber have been gearing up for their upcoming tour to Vietnam (We’re Loud Fest and Borung Fest) and the Get in the Penh show at Oscar’s with the Cavemen, Doch Chkae, Nightmare A.D., and Dieu A Quitte. Tired of waiting around, the boys decided to screen-print their own shirts with the help of Theara, the vocalist of Doch Chkae.

Yab Moung is now open for collaboration. Do you want us to design band t-shirts, or simply just screen-print your design? Contact us for more info! Please bear in mind that we are not a factory nor a sweatshop. We will not mass produce your merch to the public. It’s also DIY, so do not expect a factory-like quality. Not to say that we will deliberately fuck your shit up, we are still learning!

The community space can also be used for exhibitions or workshops! If you know of any artists who can show us a thing or two, send her / him this way!