This was it for 2019 and we ended it with a blast, thanks to all bands (REIGN IN SLUMBER, Samrocker Band, Doch Chkae, Afterlife Love Machine and Nightmare A.D.), music lovers, head bangers, Mia and the great team of our beloved and killing venue Cloud with team.

We sold a decent bunch of merch and financed our screen printing upgrade, which we gonna now wrap up next week! Thank you Yab Moung Community supporters!

We are working the last weeks on our community programme which we will release soon. Workshops, exhibtions, DIY production and more, 2020 is scheduled and you start to be heavily excited. Also new release of Drugnoose, Doch Chkae and Vartey Ganiva are in production,

Keep following us, keep supporting the Yab Moung community with artists and friends.
YM loves you.

Thank you Nara Tsitra (Reign In Slumber) for the great shots!