So what is Yab Moung membership doing for artists and why does it cost 20$ per year?!

Imagine you are an artist and you have this great idea for your new logo but your label doesn’t pay for your branding and graphic designers cost (also for a good reason) money, money you rather invest in production of merchandise so you can make money.

We can help you! Yab Moung only exists to help you, to help each other!
We helped Sam Rocker for their new branding. Sam sent us her cool drawing and asked us if we can digitalise it – now the band has a cool logo in all formats they need to produce t-shirts or posters.

Other services we support you with:
* FREE design consultation and design refinements
* Services like SCREEN PRINTING or CASSETTE PRODUCTION without charge, you pay only for the material, we do the rest and make your design look professional
* LOW COST production and you provide not only income for more community action but also supporting a field of experience for YM trainees

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