DOCH CHKAE – Brutal slumdog metal straight from the dumpsites of Phnom Penh.
On “worse than dogs” is s studio session recording covering three infamous songs of the last years, of the early days of Doch Chkae.

The three songs in the video are:
1. ឈាមខ្មៅ [Cheam Khmao]
2. មនុស្សដ៍សាហាវជាងវឆ្កែ [Mnus Sahav Jeang Chkae]
3. ទាំងអស់ដុចឆ្កែ [Tang Os Doch Chkae]

Download here including bonus dogtalk track:

Vocals: Ouch Theara
Guitar: Sok Vichey
Drums: Ouch Hing
Bass: Sochetra Pic

Music and Video Production: Yab Moung
Special thanks to Li Dang to provide his studio for recording.

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