Thanks to our great support from the below listed organizations we were able to start our Yab Moung Artists for Artists project. Now we need to keep building and of course maintenance is always key factor for a sustainable grounds.
There are various ways how YOU can help us with your organizations or business. The simple way is to support us monthly on Patreon. You can of course also donate, money (via PayPal or bank transfer; deductible of tax) or commodity contributions are always welcome.

IMPORTANT: We are still figuring out a way to receive funds via PayPal to Cambodia – this country has its own (basic) challenges. Please stay tuned.

How we will use your money

For our next steps it is crucial that our founding members can focus on building up the program and networking to engage the Cambodian youth and also attract international artists to collaborate with us. Which means we are running quite fast into a lack in human resources. Hence our next critical cost factor is employment cost. Here support is urgently needed. We provide a professional and fair environment where people not only are enforced to take responsibilities but also receive training if needed from professionals (in design, marketing, project management, sound production and business development).


We need help to fund this very necessary position to complete our team for taking the next steps.

Job description

  • manage social media accounts
  • manage our workshop / event program
  • surprise us with your ideas

Monthly salary (full-time position): 350-500$ depending on experience.

Moms Against Poverty Cambodia

Our main (great) sponsor

Moms Against Poverty (NGO)

  • covers sufficient salaries for the founding members to work on Yab Moung
  • covers small expenses for maintenance and provides logistics of MAP Cambodia to literally give us a hand
  • provides to (financial) infrastructure to build the MAP Cambodia Media Academy, which is for Yab Moung an important puzzle piece in the grand scheme of nurturing and inspiring the next generation of Cambodian artists

In exchange Yab Moung designs with the team of MAP Cambodia the Media Academy and offers vocational training for its students.
– We are a big family!


Covers for now most of the expenses (rent, electricity, water) to maintain Yab Moung Community space at Orussey market, for office purposes, production, workshops and events. – Special thank to Tobias from Germany for his generous support!


Since Wacken Foundation brought our slumdogs Doch Chkae in 2019 on stage at the Wacken Open Air we are in contact and discuss future opportunities how they can support us building up further the music therapy program hand in hand with the MAP Cambodia Media Academy. We are excited and hope to complete this cooperation by 2020. – Miriam thanks for pushing the limits!

60 Road Studios

The best recording studio in Cambodia by far and one of our kind partners when it comes to recordings and supporters for shows in Siem Reap. We don’t have yet the budget to extend our partnership to full force, but we hope this ill change 2020. – Thank you Ian and Steve for your greatness.