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is a death metal band founded in (year) with the help of Swiss social worker, Timon Seibel. Before Doch Chkae’s birth, the teens were students at Timon’s NGO – Moms Against Poverty Cambodia. Theara Ouch, Vichey Sok, Hing Ouch, and Pich Freedom were battling stress, angst, and poverty. At the same time, Timon, as one of their teachers, was also struggling to point the “troublemakers” in the right direction and giving them a purpose / focus in life.

In 2016, there was one of the biggest metal / punk shows in Cambodian history, held at Show Box. This was a lightbulb moment for Timon; he decided to take the boys to this show in hopes that the music would abolish their distress and repressed emotions. Utterly oblivious to the musical stylings of metal, the now members of Doch Chkae embarked on their very first introduction to the genre. Gobsmacked and bemused by the performance of Sliten6ix, the troubled teenagers took heavy interest in metal.

Thereafter, the concoction of Doch Chkae began. They have been one of the key bands in the Cambodian metal scene. They also released the very first metal music video sung in Khmer. The band are also the first band to ever invited to play at Wacken Open Air, one of the biggest metal festivals in the globe.

Vocals: Ouch Theara
Guitar: Sok Vichey
Drums: Ouch Hing
Bass: Sochetra Pic

I am crazy like a dog like a dog is rabies crazy
I really hate my fucking life so really fucking hateful much
I like to be a fucking crazy dog
because than you’re starving poor without anything
I am crazy and I hate the crazy dogs
and I’d like to be so fucking crazy cool
I am crazy for my family and I am crazy for all my friends
I am sick of being crazy and I am sick to be crazy
and I am sick of my life that I live to die

Translation lyrics of “Chkout Doch Chkae”