Singer/Songwriter, hails from the little village Prek Lvea in Kandal Province. She founded her band in 2016 and has since been dominating the underground music scene with her rebellious lyrical themes regarding social injustices, misogyny, women’s rights and environmental issues. In late 2016, she released her first single “Evil Husband”, which tells a story of abuse and domestic violence within relationships all too familiar in Cambodia. With her unapologetic ethos of revolt, Vartey was labeled “the Queen of Punk”.

The Vartey Ganiva band has undergone multiple line-up changes, leading to changes in her sound along the way. The band is currently comprised of Damani Kelly on bass, Jesse Ricketson on drum, and Arone Silverman on guitar. They have been playing shows in all types of venues across Phnom Penh, becoming a fixture in the music scene.

Lately, the band has decided to let go of their rock sound, and are leaning toward songs inspired by pop and funk. Although the band has changed their sound, the rebel yells against misogyny, social distress and poverty are still cemented in Vartey’s message and lyrical composition.

Vocals: Vartey Ganiva
Guitar: Arone Silverman
Drums: Jesse Ricketson
Bass: Damani Kelly



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